The last Decade – A Look Back

Windows Properties January 2015_Page_1to the Past
You know you are getting old when you start measuring passing
time by referring to decades rather than years. As I organized my thoughts for yet another year-end recap of Cleveland’s investment market, I began to think back not to last year but rather last decade – 2004 to be exact.

You may recall that this was a time of great promise in Cleveland. LeBron James had just finished his rookie year and was a budding superstar as he started his sophomore season. Ground was broken on the $200 million Euclid Corridor transit line, which held great promise in being a catalyst for downtown development. And Cleveland’s real estate market had put the downturn associated with 9/11 squarely in its rearview mirror and appeared headed toward better times. Fast-forward a decade and things are eerily similar. After some bumpy periods by each, the King, downtown Cleveland and the region’s real estate market are all definitely back, with bright times seemingly ahead for all. To see just how bright the real estate market looks, read on. Click here for full article.

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