Commercial Real Estate

I hope you are reading this blog article because you have an interest or own commercial real estate.  By definition what is commercial real estate? – A property that is solely used for business purposes.  And what is our goal?  To help you invest in a property or relocate you to a property that suites your business purposes. 

As you read this article you are wondering, how can NAI Daus help me?  We fill your warehouse/industrial space with tenants; we will search North, South, East and West for the best site for your coffee shop; negotiate with the best for your investment. 

You want an action broker?  NAI Daus is all about action.  Do you need to downsize and need someone to sublease your extra space we will find the tenant?  Do you want to relocate or open a new restaurant?  We already know the best location for you.  Or are you looking for a new industrial building with 5 docks, 3 drive-in doors and great highway access?  We know where to put you. 

It is now up to you to take action and start a business relationship with NAI Daus.

Contact NAI Daus:
216 831 3310

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