Property Management with Ira Krumholz, President of BPS Mgmt, Inc.

In difficult economic times, NAI Daus continues to see significant growth in our property management division. NAI Daus now represents several banks and lenders as they take back non-performing assets. We are able to act as a receiver and/or property manager, working to stabilize a property and recommend holding, leasing, or selling the asset. Our brokerage division has the capacity to lease and sell troubled assets. Also our property managers work to retain existing tenants. Providing the services which gives the tenants confidence that the building will come out of the foreclosure process, and that they will continue to receive the services they expect without interruption.

NAI Daus is part of NAI Global. As a managed network, we share best practices with the network and stay on the absolute cutting edge of the industry. We can provide you with sound, accurate reporting that are formatted to your specifications and delivered on time.

Please contact Ira Krumholz at, 216 831 3310 with any property management/ asset services needs.


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